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Canyoning Kalypso gorge

Canyoning in the Gorge of Kalypso with a short hike of about 30 minutes. Find the activites near our Hotel and get the most out of your vacations.

Calypso Gorge is a hidden gem on mainland Greece. Located near the village of Karitsa in the region of Thessaly, Calypso's Gorge is definitely one of the most spectacular gorges in the entire country. It is situated on the eastern slopes of Mount Kissavos and offers many opportunities for adventure.

Follow a verdant path until we reach the base of the 100 metre large waterfall for an enjoyable swim in the crystal clear waters of the lake. Having powered up from our swim, we rappel down three 20 to 40 meters waterfalls. The Gorge of Kalypso is the only gorge in Greece, where one can enjoy unobstructedviews of the Aegean Sea and Mt Athos, throughout our descent.

Contact us now to book your stay and activities in advance 30 694 432 6529

Καρίτσα Κισσάβου Λάρισα 40007 Karitsa, Larisa

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